Rubber Fender

The marine natural rubber fender is made of good-qualified natural rubber, which can be widely used for kinds of wharves, jetties, docks, piers and kinds of vessels. The rubber fenders are the simplest and most appropriate solution for a wide range of applications in areas used as wharf moorage, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and requiring no maintenance. YSmarines supplies kinds of rubber fenders, like SA type super arch rubber fender, D type fender, Yokohama fender, cylindrical fender, cone fender, cell fender, rubber fender for tugboat and pneumatic fender, etc, best prices, excellent quality and fast delivery guaranteed.

The rubber fenders can be installed by bolts, or shackle with chain, which is decided by the type of fender and installation place. The natural rubber fender can also be supplied with or without the front panel and face pad.

Their innovative design assures high performance, fast and easy moorage, and maximum ship stability even in situations of extreme stress, thanks to the vulcanized steel plates placed on the base and completely covered with rubber.