Useful Knowledge Shared For Marine Lighting

In the field of transportation, marine transport is a very important way and lighting is an essential requirement. Marine lighting, is a kind of traffic light, to meet various requirements of lighting and signal for ship or marine drilling platform.

Basic Introduction Of Marine Lighting

Marine lights are referred to as a general name of illuminated ship lights. The boat light can not only be used for lighting and navigation but also be applied for signal transmission.
The design and manufacturing of the marine lighting must be in line with the relevant provisions of the ship norms and the international conventions. It can be installed and applied certificated by the ship inspection department.
The facilities involved in the ship shall be based on the International Convention. In the case of night boating, working or poor visibility, in order to indicate the position of the ships, the shipping status, the various kinds of lighting fixtures must be equipped on the boat, displaying various signals, for identifying and avoidance.
The arc, visible distance, chrominance, enclosure protection and installation position of the boat navigation light and the signal light are strictly regulated.

boat navigation light

What Functions The Marine Lighting Should Satisfy

Onboard, marine lighting often needs a variety of different functions. Excellent marine lights can have high stability, which can withstand environments of high temperature, high salt and high-frequency vibration, and can also maintain a long service life.

Strong vibration resistance

Boat illumination is not easy to fall off due to its own packaging structure, so it can be used for long periods in an environment that has a large vibration power on the ship. In addition to the unique construction of the marine lamp, the epoxy material of the marine lights has a strong anti-vibration. As long as a fixed structure suitable for the ship adopted for the ship luminaire, it can guarantee smooth navigation.

explosion-proof lighting

Comprehensive functions

Marine luminaires can create lighting effects based on environmental requirements with rich color temperature, to meet the different requirements of the crew for various applications. Soft light can effectively drive fatigue and tension during navigation, and mounted in the cabin or bedroom to improve sleep quality. Marine lighting can also be used as signal lights to transmit different messages, providing effective navigation guidelines when sailing.

Green environmental protection and high security

Marine lights have an extremely high safety during use because they adopt LED light sources which are not breaking easily or emitting toxic substances, and the leakage of electricity or damage caused by the moisture won’t occur with the good packaging. Moreover, the boat light does not have noise, nor radiation during use, and it does not affect the health.

The Categories Of Marine Lighting

In general, as a product used for marine lighting, it is necessary to specially purchase. Marine lights include a flushing light, a walkway light, an emergency light, a deck operation lighting, a searchlight for a remote search, an explosion-proof light, the mobile lighting used in temporary workplaces. In order to meet the requirements of different vessels, it is necessary to learn different categories of marine lighting and their characteristics.

marine searchlight

Ceiling Lights

The common marine ceiling lights include a ceiling light with a square cover, a spherical ceiling light, a pointed round ceiling light, a semi-rounded ceiling lamp, a small ceiling lamp with a long square cover, etc. Marine lighting manufacturers provide wide-use boat ceiling lights, suitable for various ship rooms, emphasizing that as long as there is a ceiling, it is possible to install, with simple installation and styles.

marine ceiling light

Energy-saving lighting

The energy-saving lighting a wide-use marine light. It has superior brightness, longer service life than the general incandescent bulbs, especially outstanding in power-saving. There’re various types of energy-saving lamps with U-shaped, spiral, petal-type, etc, with power from 3 watts to 40 watts. The ship pendant lights and ceiling lights can generally install energy-saving lamps.

Wall Light

The common marine wall lights with double-headed magnolia wall lights, double head olive wall lights, double-head drum wall lights, double lace cup wall light, mirror front wall light, etc. Good boat light manufacturers will supply superb quality custom wall lights, the installation height of which can be adjusted as needed.


Marin lighting, which is necessary boat equipment, provides bright illumination for ship navigation and transmits different signal information. Marine lights should have high stability, good tolerance and high standard quality. The ship lights with a wide variety of types are used to meet the various requirements of different vessels.