A Comprehensive Introduction Of Mooring Chock

At present, the chock is the key part of ship mooring equipment and system, suitable for all kinds of boats, which is a marine part reducing the wear of the cable and the hull.

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What Is Mooring Chock

The mooring chock, also known as Panama chock, is cast steel with circular or elliptical shapes, which is an essential guideline device. The chock is generally mounted on the bulwark. The boat mooring chocks have much more insurance than the open chock because it is closed and the cable will not jump out.

Commonly used types

The marine mooring chocks have various types including closed chocks, Spanish chocks, Panama chocks, single pipe mooring pipe, etc. It has three kinds of circular mooring chocks, elliptical ones and square ones, according to the shapes of the chocks.

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Why Should Choose Mooring Chock

The mooring chocks are very convenient to use with strong advantages.

1. Strong heat resistance

The highest temperature resistance can reach to 95 degrees, which fully meets the various special requirements.

2.Long service Life

Its service life can reach 50 years under the conditions of 70 degrees. The service life can arrive at 100 years under normal temperatures.

3.Simple and convenient installation

The mooring chocks have considerable welding performance, suitable for hot melt and capacitance links, with very simple and convenient installation.

Panama chock

The Installation Requirements Of Mooring Chock

  1. The cutting of prestressed reinforcement should adopt the abrasive-disk cutter, not the arc cutting.
  2. The extruded anchor or embossed anchor of the steel strand fixed end should be assembled with the bearing plate and the spiral bar in advance.
  3. Equipment and instruments for prestressing, should have regular maintenance and calibration.
  4. Before the prestress stretching, the bearing plate should be cleaned and carefully check the quality of the concrete.
  5. When the anchor is installed, the anchor plate should have alignments ad the clip should be tightened, with uniform pieces.
  6. Before the officially prestress stretching for large tonnage products, it should be are tested with professionals. Confirm that the tensile process is reasonable and the tensile elongation value is normal, without harmful crack.
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How To Select The Appropriate Mooring Chock

There’re something that should be paid attention to for choosing the appropriate mooring chock.

1. The suitable size

Suitable size is very important for its application, if the size is not appropriate, it can’t be installed normally, or getting the proper effect. Therefore, to ensure the optimized installation effect for the ship chocks, require to select the products with the right sizes.
In terms of the performance for the mooring chocks, if the size is too large, because of large active space, and the role of limiting the mooring cable leading out position can’t be achieved. If the size is too small, it is possible to make the mooring cable can’t be lead out, so in order to ensure the limiting of the cable leading out, appropriate size is necessary.

2.The corresponding category

There are many different kinds of mooring chocks with different structure types. You need to choose the products with the corresponding category, which can be used properly because of the appropriate structure.

3. The right types

The same kind of mooring chock has many different types which have some differences in decoupling and materials. So, you need to select a product of the right type.

4. High accuracy

For the high application performance, there’re high requirements for the accuracy of the structure. With high accuracy chocks, there’s a better applicability.

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Mooring chock is an important fairlead which is a device of guiding the mooring cable from inboard to outboard, changing the direction of the cable, limiting the leading out and reducing the wear of the cable. The article gives a comprehensive introduction of mooring chocks, some useful tips for installation and selecting appropriate chocks.