Why Rubber Fender Is Widely Used In Wharf

Rubber fenders are more and more widely used the tranship and stop of ship to ship, ship to wharf, with the advantages of maintenance free, long service life, easy installation, etc.

What Is Rubber Fender

Rubber fender, also known as rubber protective wood, is installed on a terminal or ship to absorb the collision energy of the berthing, mooring for the ship to ship or ship to wharf, protecting the ship and the wharf from damage.

rubber fender

The Categories Of Rubber Fender

Usually, the rubber fender can be divided into two categories according to the structure, which includes solid rubber fender and floating rubber fender.
Solid rubber fender, which is a non-floating type, is an anti-collision device of ship to wharf with early & wide range applications. According to the rubber fender force, it can be divided into types of shear, rotational and compression. According to the structure, it can be divided into super arch SA type rubber fender, D type fender, GD type fender, super cone type (ZC) fender, cylindrical type (Y-type) fender, etc.
The floating rubber fender can be free-floating on the water surface, depending on its internal buffer medium, it can be divided into types of inflatable rubber fender, filled rubber fender.

super cell fender

Inflatable rubber fenders adopt compressed air as the medium, consuming collision energy by compressed air.
Foam-filled fender, also known as solid polyurethane fender, has a buffer medium which is mainly closed well foaming materials, such as foaming EVA, foamed polyurethane, and foamed rubber. The Yokohama pneumatic rubber fender is a widely used filled fender.

Pneumatic rubber fenders

Rubber Fenders Commonly Used In Wharf

1. Super cone fender -ZC type

super cone fender

The new structural design of the cone rubber and the front steel frame is adopted to increase compression deformation from 52.5% to 70% in the case that anti-power doesn’t increase, which is one of the most excellent rubber fenders today. It makes the dock structure is light and reduces the engineering cost. It has become the new trend wharf design, representing the new level of the rubber fender design.

2. Supper cell rubber fender – SC type

super cell rubber fender

a. Increased absorption value
SC type super cell rubber fender, compared to ordinary rubber fender, the E / RH value increases by 15%. The E / RH value of ordinary fenders is generally 0.375 ~ 0.385, while the E / RH value of the SC type is generally 0.43 ~ 0.44.
b.Reasonable structure
Fending cylinder and flange connecting, adopting smooth excessive, reducing the stress concentration in compression deformation of the fender root, the stress is more reasonable and the amount of the fender compression is increased, from 47.5% of ordinary type to 52.5%.
c. SC type and ordinary rubber fender have the same mounting bolt pitch and bolt hole.
d. It has the characteristics of a small effect caused by inclined berthing.

3. D type supper arch rubber fender

D type supper arch rubber fender

a. The reaction force, energy absorption is moderate
b. The bottom width is moderate, suitable for the frame wharf.
c. Light weight with simple installation and easy maintenance.

4. GD type rubber fender

GD marine rubber fender

a. High energy absorption with great reaction force.
b. The bottom width is small, especially suitable for the frame-style terminal.
c. High installation strength, long service life.

5. Cylindrical rubber fender – Y type

cylindrical rubber fender

a. Low reaction force, small surface pressure, reasonable suction energy
b. Strong adaptability for the rolling and pitching of the boat berthing
c. Wide applications, also can act as a ship anti-collision device
d. Installation and maintenance is convenient

6. V type super arch fender

v type rubber fender

a. The reaction force is moderate, with high suction energy
b. Firm Installation with convenient disassembly
c. Applicable to the medium-size wharf

7.Rotating type rubber fender

Rotating rubber fender utilizing roller rotation and compression deformation absorbs the ship collision energy, when the ship is berting or shifted, the fender can rotate adapting to the hull movement, thereby ensuring the safety of the wharf and ship. It is suitable for applications in shipyards, docks, rolling ship terminals, and the occasions where have requirements of the limiting for the ship moving direction and the berthing speed.
a. Fender rotation on the three-axis, limits and reduce the speed of ship, which is conducive to safe berthing.
b. Compression deformation can reach 40%, double-time increasing suction energy than the conventional rotation fender.
c. Since the rotating rubber fender can adapt to the movement of the hull and the hull does not generate sliding friction, so it is not easy to damage the hull painting.

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