Key Points Concerning LED Explosion-proof Light

The LED explosion-proof light, which is one kind of explosion-proof light, is a lighting device for special industries. Its working principle is basically the same as the explosion-proof lamp. The difference is that its light source adopts the LED light source. It is widely used in places which have high-protection requirements and are moist, such as ships, chemical, oil, mining, pharmaceutical and painting.

What Is The LED Explosion-proof Light

The LED explosion-proof lighting refers to the lighting fixtures which are the various specific measures taken to prevent ignition of the surrounding explosive mixtures. The LED explosion-proof light is currently the most energy-saving explosion-proof light, which can be used safely in a variety of flammable and explosive places, suitable for oil mining, military, offshore oil platform, cruise, etc.

LED explosion-proof light

The LED explosion-proof lamp includes a lampshade, a lamp cover at the front end of the lampshade, a light emitter and batteries inside the lampshade, a switch on the surface of the lampshade.
The illuminator is a high-power LED module, and there is a wide voltage input drive circuit between the illuminator and the battery, which includes a constant current chip. The constant current chip and the battery are composed of a power module. The power module is sealed with the LED module. The lamp cover and the lampshade are ultrasonic welded.
It uses a low heating value of LED to achieve an intrinsically safe level explosion-proof, and the LED source has a long service life. The heat dissipation device is installed on the lampshade, which can realize effective heat dissipation of the LED module, guaranteeing the use of high stability.

Performance And Advantages Of LED Explosion-proof Light

1.LED explosion-proof light can save 50% -70% energy compared to traditional light sources, that is, the same lighting effect can be obtained with smaller power LED luminaires replacing larger power traditional lighting.
2.The lampshade is made of aluminum alloy and has a surface treatment with high-pressure static spray.
3.The lamp cover is made of tempered glass with stainless steel exposed fasteners. The protective cover is galvanized with a sprayed surface, double anti-corrosion.
4.The lamp adopts the flameproof structure design and the material is high-strength die-cast aluminum. The surface is sprayed and the transparent cover adopts high-strength tempered glass, corrosion resistance, beautiful, and strong.
5.It has an integrated design, easy to install and repair, the ballast cavity independently design, effectively avoid the heat transfer of the light source cavity to the ballast.
6.It has a flexible light distribution, can be made into various LED floodlights.
7.It adopts LED as a light source with high light efficiency, long service life and the average service life is more than 50,000 hours, with long-term maintenance-free.No Wireless fuse, nor electrode aging and other disadvantagesPower supply with DC low voltage, the heating value is much lower than the traditional electrical light source and does not generate high-frequency electromagnetic fields, no electromagnetic interference to surrounding equipment.
10.LED adopts epoxy resin solid package, impact resistance, anti-vibration, not easy to break.The emission spectrum of LED is completely visible, no ultraviolet radiation, no mercury and does not produce heavy metal pollution. 

LED floodlight

How To Select The Appropriate Marine LED Explosion-proof Light

The LED explosion-proof light is widely used in offshore homework. For the selecting of marine explosion-proof lighting, the explosion-proof structure and temperature are important points, which are very professional. Measuring the weight of heat-dissipating is a simple and effective way to select the good boat LED explosion-proof light. An appropriate power LED explosion-proof lamp, the relative weight is generally moderate. An inferior LED explosion-proof light manufacturer is unwilling to cost heat dissipating.
The LED explosion-proof light is mainly based on high-power LED lamp beads and package integrated chips, combined with external structures and applicable places. It is should be cautious to select the LED explosion-proof lighting, especially the power and lighting. The size of the LED lampshade is closely combined. Since the temperature of the LED lamp is high, the high-power lamp naturally requires a larger outer shell to achieve good heat dissipation.

LED explosion-proof lamp

Useful Tips To Maintain LED Explosion-proof Light For Long Service Life

After selecting and purchasing the LED explosion-proof light, the question of how to maintain for long service life always be paid to attention.

  1. To regularly check the LED explosion-proof light, check whether the grounding is normal.
  2. In order to extend the service life of the LED explosion-proof lamp, do not install the windshield device and the like in a humid environment, which has a large negative effect.
  3. Regularly clean and wipe the outside dust with a dry cloth, improving the light efficiency and heat dissipation performance of the lamp and the wet cloth can’t be used. It is best to cut off the power before cleaning.
  4. In the moisture environment, if there are puddles in the light, it should be maintained in time, replacing the sealing parts to ensure the protective performance of the shell.
  5. If the light source is damaged, it should be turned off in a timely, so as not to cause the electrical component, such as the ballast, to be in an abnormal state due to the light source.
  6. On the surface of the explosion-proof, it should be thinly coated with a replacement type anti-rust oil and should pay attention to the seal when close the lid, whether the sealing circle is working.
  7. After opening the cover, it should be checked whether the composite surface of the explosion-proof combination is intact, whether the rubber seal is hard or becomes sticky, causing the wire insulation to become green and carbonized, whether the insulation and the electrical component are deformed, if discovering these problems. It should be repaired and replaced in time.
  8. Check the transparent parts, whether there is a trace of foreign object impact, the protection network has loosening, corrosion, etc. If so, stop using, timely repairing and replacement.
  9. The sea portion of the LED explosion-proof lamp should not be disassembled and opened.


LED explosion-proof Light adopts the LED light source, widely used in the special flammable and explosive working environments, with the advantages of energy-saving, high light efficiency, strong lampshade and lamp cover, long service life, flexible light distribution, excellent heat dissipation, etc. The article introduces some key points and useful tips to select the appropriate marine explosion-proof lighting and maintain for the long service life.