Hydraulic Motor

  • Displacement Range: 8-16000 ml/r
  • Torque Range: 11-32182 N.m
  • Speed Range: 10-1550 r/min
  • Max. Flow: 16–160 L/min

Hydraulic Motor Provided By YSmarines

The hydraulic motors, supplied by YSmarine, include radial piston hydraulic motors (or swivelling cylinder hydraulic motors), sphere piston hydraulic motors, and orbital hydraulic motors, etc. The displacement, torque, speed and pressure, etc. can be customized according to the specific application needs. We can supply kinds of hydraulic motors,  hydraulic pumps and their major components as the requirements from vessels.

Hydraulic Motor Supplier

Features of Hydraulic Motor

  1. Low noise.
  2. Various kinds of flanges.
  3. Good stability during low speed.
  4. High volumetic efficiency and mechanical efficiency.
  5. Easy for maintenance.

Package of Hydraulic Motor

Package of Hydraulic Motor

Applications of Hydraulic Motor

Application of hydraulic motor

CSBF Manual Proportional Flow Directional Block Valve used in YSmarines Hydraulic Motor

CSBF series block valves are widely used in ship machinery and other machinery hydraulic system. Compared with other block valves, CSBF series manual proportional flow directional block valve has the advantage of resetting control device in the back of the controlling handle, which makes the ship stop more open. The valve core in the valve body is heat treated with high temperature, resistant to pressure, non-deformation, longer service cycle, better quality, complete variety, manual control (common type), spring reset, remote control. 

The CSBF series manual proportional flow directional block valve is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of CB/T 3928-2001. Besides of the CSBF series block valve, YSmarines can also supplied other kinds of control valves for the hydraulic motors, like combination valve, priority valve, control valve, reversing valve, multi way directional valve, etc.

CSBF Directional Block Valve

 Other Multi Way Directional Valve

Other Multi Way Directional Valve