TR-009 Helmsman Chair

  • lifting column with Aluminum alloy structure;
  • Aluminum alloy structure is used for 360-degree dynamic rotation and cushion front and back sliding. The steel structure is used for back angle adjustment;
  • The seat back and the seat cushion adopt the steel inner core and PU cold foam-forming disposable sponge synthesis, outsourcing leather;
  • Aluminum alloy structure for the footrest;
  • Pneumatic lifting core components pneumatic bar the use of German imports of Stabilus;

Function data

  1. Upper part of the seat can be moved back and forth of 120mm;
  2. Seat backrest with adjustable angle of 85°-150°,handrest multi-point positioning control;
  3. The seat of pneumatic lifting regulating range0-120mm
  4. The seat can rotate 360°and locked ,4-point positioning control;
  5. Seat pedal can rotate 90°and regression;
  6. Seat can bear more than 150FT.LB torsion, reached AD grade standard;


  1. Ergonomic design;
  2. Adjustable backrest;
  3. The seat height may be adjusted;
  4. Seats can be moved back and forth;
  5. Folding / angle-adjustable comfortable seat armrest;
  6. Seat can rotate 360 degrees, with multi-point positioning;
Drawings of TR-009 Helmsman Chair