Quick Release Box for Lifebuoy

  • Material: GRP or Carbon steel
  • Size: For 2.5/4.3KG lifebuoy
  • Application: Release lifebuoy
  • Color: Red

Specifications of Quick Release Box for Lifebuoy

Product ModelMaterialSizeNote
quick release box for lifebuoy_Ys_39002036GRP850*820*150mmPort side
quick release box for lifebuoy_Ys_39002036GRP850*820*150mmStarboard side
quick release box for lifebuoy_Ys_40111005Carbon steel1000*810*190mmPort side
quick release box for lifebuoy_Ys_40111006Carbon steel1000*810*190mmStarboard side
quick release box for lifebuoy_Ys_40111007Stainless steel(SS316)1000*810*190mmPort side
quick release box for lifebuoy_Ys_40111008Stainless steel(SS316)1000*810*190mmStarboard side

Benefits of Quick Release Box for Lifebuoy

The lifebuoy quick release device stands as a crucial element within any water safety strategy. Its purpose is to enable swift and efficient deployment of lifebuoys during emergency scenarios. Crafted with innovation in mind, this device aims to optimize time and marine life-saving for both rescuer and victim.

Comprising a straightforward yet highly effective mechanism, the lifebuoy quick release box ensures immediate deployment of a lifebuoy upon activation. This functionality empowers rescuers to swiftly and effortlessly provide aid to those in distress, eliminating the need to grapple with complex release mechanisms. Such simplicity renders the device suitable for various settings, including beaches, lakes, and swimming pools.

Ease of installation and operation characterizes the device, ensuring accessibility to all users. Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, it maintains functionality and reliability even in the most extreme environments.

Packaging of Quick Release Box for Lifebuoy

1. Generally, we pack our goods in neutral brown cartons or wooden cases, The inside of the package is covered with multiple layers of bubble wrap, At the bottom of the package, it is fixed by a bracket. On the outside of the box, the shipping mark will be marked to facilitate the customer to receive the goods.

2. We can also customize the packaging according to the customer’s requirements.