Lifebuoy Lifeline – With Box

  • Buoyancy(kg):12
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Length: ≥30m
  • Material: PP
  • Pull: 250kg
  • Breaking strength: ≥5KN

Specifications of Lifebuoy Lifeline

Product ModelDiameterLengthMaterialBreaking strength
buoyant lifeline-withbox8mm≥30mPP≥5KN

More Detailed Description about Lifebuoy Lifeline

The lifebuoy lifeline is an essential component of marine life saving equipment, designed to provide a reliable means of rescue and assistance in emergency situations on or near bodies of water. This innovative device consists of a buoyant ring or buoy attached to a durable and flexible line, allowing rescuers to extend aid to individuals in distress while maintaining a safe distance from the water.

The lifebuoy lifeline is typically deployed from a stationary position, such as a dock, pier, or boat, to reach individuals who may be struggling in the water. Rescuers can swiftly deploy the lifeline by throwing or lowering it to the person in need, providing them with a secure and buoyant lifeline to grasp onto while awaiting further assistance. The flexible line of the lifebuoy lifeline allows for easy retrieval and storage when not in use, minimizing clutter and ensuring readiness for emergency situations.

Advantages of Lifebuoy Lifeline

【Long Enough】– Professional water float rope Diameter:8mm, Length:≥30m,long enough and convenient to use.

【Portable Design】– Made of high-quality PP, ultra strong hardness and thickness, very durable in use,easy to carry around.

【Wide Applications】– Our rescue rope perfectly suitable for large swimming pools, beaches, yachts and so on. Ideal accessory for boating, diving, fishing, swimming and so on.

【Multi-Functional】– The emergency survival rope can be used together with the lifebuoy, life jacket, boat, life rafts fine and so on.

Packaging of Lifebuoy Lifeline

1. Generally, we pack our goods in neutral brown cartons or wooden cases, The inside of the package is covered with multiple layers of bubble wrap, At the bottom of the package, it is fixed by a bracket. On the outside of the box, the shipping mark will be marked to facilitate the customer to receive the goods.

2. We can also customize the packaging according to the customer’s requirements.