Lifebouy Self-lighting

  • Activation: Self-activated by tilt-switch
  • Light type: Flashing LED
  • Replaceable battery: 2*LR6 Alkaline battery
  • Approval: CCS

Specifications of Lifebouy Self-lighting

Product ModelActivationLight typeWeightSize
Lifebuoy self-lighting_fbqd2Self-activated by tilt-switchFlashing LED700g100*295mm
Lifebuoy self-lighting_hyqd20Self-activated by tilt-switchFlashing LED191g (without battery and bracket)83mm*248mm
lifebuoy self-lighting_qd10gLatch switchFlashing LED122g75mm*158mm
lifebuoy self-lighting_qd10lLatch switchFlashing LED107g75mm*158mm

Benefits of Lifebouy Self-lighting

The lifebuoy self-lighting system represents a cutting-edge advancement in water safety technology for life-saving equipment, designed to enhance visibility and aid in rescue operations during low-light conditions or emergencies at sea. This innovative system integrates a self-contained lighting mechanism directly into the lifebuoy, ensuring optimal visibility and facilitating swift identification of individuals in distress.

Equipped with high-intensity LED lights or other illumination sources, the self-lighting lifebuoy emits a bright and conspicuous light signal, making it easily visible from a distance, even in darkness or adverse weather conditions. This illumination serves as a beacon to guide rescuers towards the location of the lifebuoy and the individual in need of assistance, significantly improving response times and enhancing the chances of a successful rescue.

The self-lighting feature of the lifebuoy is activated automatically upon immersion in water or manually through a simple switch mechanism, ensuring seamless operation in emergencies. The lighting system is designed to be waterproof and durable, capable of withstanding exposure to marine environments and harsh weather conditions without compromising its functionality.

Lifebouy Self-lighting is Professionally Certified

1. It meets MSC.81(70) Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-Saving Appliances

2. It meets MSC.48(66) International Life – Saving Appliance(LSA) Code

3. Certified by CCS/MED/RS

Packaging of YSmarines Lifebouy Self-lighting

1. Generally, we pack our goods in neutral brown cartons or wooden cases, The inside of the package is covered with multiple layers of bubble wrap, At the bottom of the package, it is fixed by a bracket. On the outside of the box, the shipping mark will be marked to facilitate the customer to receive the goods.

2. We can also customize the packaging according to the customer’s requirements.

Applications Of YSmarines Lifebouy Self-lighting

1. Marine Navigation rescue for SOS calling

2. Equipped at Lifesaving raft to comply with regulation of SOLAS

3. Open sea suffering to call help

Recommended Transportation Selections Of YSmarines Lifebouy Self-lighting

By Express

By Air Transportation

By Sea Transportation

Suitable for sample order or <50kg goods

Fast 3~10 days

High shipping cost

Door to door service

Suitable for >50kg goods

Fast 3~7days

Lower than the express cost

Airport to airport service

Professional broker needed

Suitable for >300kg goods

Fast 7~45days

Lowest cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed