HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

  • Dense foam inside
  • UV Protection
  • Reflective Tape
  • Large buoyancy
  • Secure Crust

Specifications of HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

Product ModelBuoyancy(N)Outer Dia.(mm)Inner Dia.(mm)Approval
CrustHDPE Shell
FillerRigid polyurethane foam
Drop height80 meters

The Basic Introduction about HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

A marine lifebuoy, often referred to simply as a lifebuoy, is a vital piece of safety equipment found on vessels and waterfronts worldwide. This buoyant ring-shaped device is designed to be thrown to individuals in distress in the water, providing them with buoyancy and aiding in their rescue.

Marine lifebuoys often have a grab line attached, allowing rescuers to safely pull individuals to safety without having to enter the water themselves. Some models may also include additional features such as a self-igniting light or whistle to further aid in locating and rescuing individuals in low-light conditions or during emergencies.

The marine lifebuoy is an essential component of maritime life saving equipment, providing a simple yet effective means of aiding individuals in distress and potentially saving lives. It is a requirement for vessels to carry a certain number of lifebuoys onboard, ensuring readiness for emergencies and compliance with safety regulations.

Durable Safety Materials for HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

Outer diameter: 754mm, Inner Diameter: 465mm.
Marine lifebouy is made of high-strength polyethylene, filled with polyurethane closed-cell foam, and the hard shell is strong and tear-resistant. The safety factor is higher than that of ordinary inflatable life buoys. The life buoys can withstand extreme weather, suitable for all kinds of ships and docks.

Perfect Design of HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

1. YSmarines life bouy is equipped with high-strength life-saving nylon rope, which has low density and high strength, which can effectively increase the safety and life-saving effect.

2. We configure hand-sewn reflective belts, which are exposed to sunlight. The reflection is strong.

3.The lifebouy is filled with rigid polyurethane foam, which is inflatable, has high buoyancy, and has a longer service life.

Packaging Of  YSmarines HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

1. Generally, we pack our goods in neutral brown cartons or wooden cases, The inside of the package is covered with multiple layers of bubble wrap, At the bottom of the package, it is fixed by a bracket. On the outside of the box, the shipping mark will be marked to facilitate the customer to receive the goods.

2. We can also customize the packaging according to the customer’s requirements.

Wide Applications Of YSmarines HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

This emergency use boat safety life bouy is ideal for marine boat, dock edge, sea fishing, seaside spare, water rescue, surfing, drifting, swimming or ship spare, disaster relief or wall decoration,etc.

Recommended Transportation Selections Of YSmarines HY555-4 Type Marine Lifebouy

By Express

By Air Transportation

By Sea Transportation

Suitable for sample order or <50kg goods

Fast 3~10 days

High shipping cost

Door to door service

Suitable for >50kg goods

Fast 3~7days

Lower than the express cost

Airport to airport service

Professional broker needed

Suitable for >300kg goods

Fast 7~45days

Lowest cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed