Insulated Life Jackets – HYF-N6 Type

  • Three Colors available
  • Material: CR neoprene
  • Buoyancy: >=100N
  • Size: M, L, XL

Specifications of HYF-N6 Type Insulated Life Jackets

Item codeModelColourSizeSize for height(cm)Approval
30402075HYF-N6-R redM  150-170CCS
30402076HYF-N6-R redL  170-190CCS
30402077HYF-N6-R redXL  190-205CCS
30402100HYF-N6-RredM 150-170CCS
30402101HYF-N6-RredL 170-190CCS
30402102HYF-N6-RredXL 190-205CCS
30402069HYF-N6-Ofluorescent orangeM 150-170CCS
30402070HYF-N6-Ofluorescent orangeL 170-190CCS
30402071HYF-N6-Ofluorescent orangeXL 190-205CCS
30402094HYF-N6-OFluorescent orangeM 150-170CCS
30402106HYF-N6-OFluorescent orangeL 170-190CCS
30402096HYF-N6-OFluorescent orangeXL 190-205CCS
Item codeModelColourSizeSize for height(cm)Approval
30402072HYF-N6-Yfluorescent yellowM  150-170CCS
30402073HYF-N6-Yfluorescent yellowL  170-190CCS
30402074HYF-N6-Yfluorescent yellowXL  190-205CCS
30402097HYF-N6-Yfluorescent yellowM  150-170CCS
30402098HYF-N6-Yfluorescent yellowL  170-190CCS
30402099HYF-N6-Yfluorescent yellowXL190-205CCS
30402081HYF-N6-OGFluorescent orange detachable golvesM150-170CCS
30402082HYF-N6-OGFluorescent orange detachable golvesL170-190CCS
30402083HYF-N6-OGFluorescent orange detachable golvesXL190-205CCS
30402103HYF-N6-OGFluorescent orange detachable golvesM150-170CCS
30402104HYF-N6-OGFluorescent orange detachable golvesL170-190CCS
30402105HYF-N6-OGFluorescent orange detachable golvesXL190-205CCS

What are HYF-N6 Type Insulated Life Jackets

An insulated life jacket is a vital piece of life-saving equipment designed to provide buoyancy and thermal protection in emergency situations at sea. Constructed with insulation materials such as foam rubber or synthetic fibers, these jackets help prevent heat loss and maintain body temperature in cold water. They are essential for individuals working in maritime environments where exposure to cold water is a risk. Insulated life jackets offer both flotation support and thermal insulation, enhancing the chances of survival during maritime emergencies.

Features of HYF-N6 Type Insulated Life Jackets

  • According to SOLAS, as amended,
  • The immersion suit is designed to be worn without a life jacket.
  • After immersing in 0°C to +2°C calm water for 6 hours, the body core temperature shall not fall more than 2°C.
  • It is equipped with a life jacket light, whistle, buddy line, and lifting becket.

Recommended Transportation Selections Of HYF-N6 Type Insulated Life Jackets

By Express

By Air Transportation

By Sea Transportation

Suitable for sample order or <50kg goods

Fast 3~10 days

High shipping cost

Door to door service

Suitable for >50kg goods

Fast 3~7days

Lower than the express cost

Airport to airport service

Professional broker needed

Suitable for >300kg goods

Fast 7~45days

Lowest cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed