Inflatable Life Jackets (Adult)

  • Size: Adult Size
  • Type: Marine Adult Life jacket
  • Usage: Protect Safety
  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • Air bladder buoyancy   
  • Easy to Wear 
  • Fully Configured for Use at Work

Specifications of Inflatable Life Jackets for Adult

Product ModelTypeSystemInflation timeBuoyancyUsage environment temperatureCO2cylinderSize for wearernote
Inflatable life jackets(adult) HYJ-QA-s1Two   compartmentsAuto activation inflator system<=5s≥150N-30°℃~+65℃2*33gWeight:>=43KGHeight:above 155cmFit persons weighting up to 140 kg and with a chest girth of up to 1,750mm
Inflatable life jackets(adult) HYJ-QM-d1Two   compartmentsAuto activation inflator system<=5s≥275N-30°℃~+65℃2*60gWeight:>=43KGHeight:above 155cmFit persons weighing up to 140 kg and with a chest girth of up to 1,750mm

Understanding the Basics of Inflatable Life Jackets for Adult

Automatic inflation occurs 3 seconds after falling into the water. Inflatable life jackets are divided into manual and automatic devices. The automatic device inflates in three seconds without the need for a manual pull rod. The manual device requires a manual pull rod to inflate.

Recommended Transportation Selections Of YSmarines Inflatable Life Jackets for Adult

By Express

By Air Transportation

By Sea Transportation

Suitable for sample order or <50kg goods

Fast 3~10 days

High shipping cost

Door to door service

Suitable for >50kg goods

Fast 3~7days

Lower than the express cost

Airport to airport service

Professional broker needed

Suitable for >300kg goods

Fast 7~45days

Lowest cost

Port to port service

Professional broker needed