What Should you Know About Marine Door?

Marine doors are mainly cabin fire doors on ships. The marine door contains a fire door frame and a fire door panel, one side of the fire door panel is hinged with one side of the fire door frame, and the other side is provided with a door lock and a handle. The utility model is characterized in that there is an escape opening on the fire door panel, and a small wind grille door panel is arranged at the escape opening. One side of the air grid type small door panel is hinged with the corresponding side of the escape port, and the other side is provided with a latch for closing or opening the air grid type small door panel. By using the marine door, not only can the cabin be ventilated when a fire occurs or the door panel cannot be opened, but also personnel can escape in time, thereby avoiding casualties.

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How to use marine doors on ships

  1. When the door is opened, the door body drives the connecting rod to move, makes the transmission gear rotate, and drives the rack plunger to move to the right.
  2. When the plunger moves to the right, the spring is compressed, and the hydraulic oil in the right chamber is also compressed.
  3. The one-way valve ball on the left side of the plunger is opened under the action of oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil in the right cavity flows into the left cavity through the one-way valve.
  4. When the door opening process is completed, the elastic potential energy accumulated by the rectangular marine window is released due to the compression of the spring during the opening process, and the plunger is pushed to the left to drive the transmission gear and the door closer connecting rod to rotate, so that the door is closed.

Precautions for marine watertight doors

  1. Factors that should be considered when choosing a door closer are the weight of the door, the width of the door, the frequency of opening the door, and the requirements and environment of use.
  2. The weight of the door and the width of the door are the most important factors in choosing the model of the door closer. Common doors include fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum alloy doors, glass doors, steel doors, etc.
  3. Usually, the weight of the door is small, so choose the model with less power, and vice versa. The frequency of opening the door is a factor closely related to the quality of the product. For occasions with frequent use, it should be required that the product has better sealing performance and long service life.
  4. Pay attention to its use value when using marine doors, and follow the rules of use carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble and damage. 
  5. The watertight door of the ship can resist the flooding of the hull once the hull is broken. The effectiveness of these arrangements is affected by a number of factors, but it is necessary to ensure that any watertight doors in the dividing bulkhead are closed at or almost immediately after the rupture. It is also necessary to limit the number of access openings provided in dividing bulkheads and to exercise strict control over the operation of watertight doors provided to close these openings.
marine doors

What are the advantages of Marine Door?

The marine door system is completed through the process of door inner frame manufacturing, door panel manufacturing, door core panel manufacturing, door body assembly, door side panel clamping, door panel, door inner frame welding, and door outer panel assembly processes. The new fire door has the characteristics of lightweight, firmness, bump resistance, flame retardant, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire resistance, and high strength, which is conducive to installation and a beautiful appearance.


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